The 10th Annual 3RVS September Touring Challenge Has Begun
Get Your Ride On!
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​The September Touring Challenge has begun!

Day 1 - UCI Masters Division World Time Trialing Champion,​ Paul Mowery got off to the best start today with his power-packed 137 kilometer ride. Pamela Fennell is out front the Ladies' Division as she and Tim continue on their ride across America. Pam rode 107 kilometers today.

Day 2 - Today is the first day of a triple century weekend. Over 20 club members rode 100 miles or more today. Joe Bartels recorded the most kilometers or anyone. The 2021 September Touring Challenge rode 226 kilometers, placing Joe at the top of the Leaderboard. Get your rest 3RVS riders, the club has another 161 kilometers ready for you tomorrow. 

Day 3 - Many club members enjoyed the 161-kilometer tour to Defiance, Ohio which followed along both sides of the Auglaize River between Oakwood and Defiance. Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz holds onto the top spot on Ladies' Division Leaderboard with 348 kilometers; Elana Merritt made a big jumped to second place with 334 kilometers; and Pamela Fennell is third with 279 kilometers. The men's division took a big change today with all three podium places changing; Marty Smolinski rose to the top spot with 374 kilometers; Jonathan DeWitt holds down second place with 353 kilometers; and Mark Geiger is in third place with 332 kilometers. Drink plenty of pickle juice or chocolate milk, because tomorrow brings us another century tour.

Day 4 - Ten riders posted rides exceeding the century mark. The top three riders reached the first award level of 500 kilometers. Marty Smolinkski holds the top spot for the second straight day with 564 kilometers; second place is Jonathan Dewitt at 519 kilometers; and Joe Bartels not far behind with 517 kilometers in third place. In the Ladies' Division Pamela Fennell has regained the lead with 383 kilometers; Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz is in second place with 348 kilometers; and third place is held by Elana Merritt with 334 kilometers. Congratulations to all of the riders who participated in the three-day triple century weekend event.

Day 5 - As of today, 92 riders have joined the challenge. In five day those 92 riders posted a total of 17.453 kilometers. Distances tamed down today which is understandable after the long weekend tours. In the Ladies' Division Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz bounced back on top of the leaderboard with 424 kilometers; Pamela Fennell is second with 383 km; with Elana Merritt third at 334 km. The rotation for the top spot in the Men's Division continues with Mark Geiger going wild on the road today. Mark has 602 km; Marty Smolinski, who led the past two days dropped to second with 601 km; and Jonathan DeWitt is third with 560 kilometers. Mark Geiger and Joey Bauers reached the 500-kilometer award level today bringing the total to five riders at 500 or more kilometers in just five days.

Day 6 - Pam Fennell and Joe Bartels both had a good day, Pam continues on her trek across America riding enough kilometers to regain her lead in the Ladies' Division with 508 km, Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz dropped to second place and Elana Merritt remained in third place without riding today. Joe Bartels regained the top spot in the Men's Division. Joe now has 680 km, which slipped Mark Geiger to second place and Marty Smolinski to third place. Russ Stephens, Paul Mowery and Pam Fennell reached the 500 km award level. Eight riders have now reached the 500 km award level.

Day 7 - One week into the challenge, Joe Bartels along with Mark Geiger have both reached the 750 km award level. Joe holds on to the top spot for the second straight day with 842 km; Mark Geiger remains in second place with 758 km; and Jon DeWitt passes Marty for third place with 654 km. Pam Fennell retains the lead in the Ladies Division with 590 km; Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz holds on to second place with 499 km; Elana Merritt is third with 334 km. We now have 99 participants in the challenge who have totaled 21,911.7 km in the first week.

Day 8 - All podium places on the leaderboard remained the same. Joe Bartles continues to roll becoming the first rider to pass the 1,000 km level. Michael Toole, Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz and Darren Williams reached the 500 km level. Pam Fennell has increased her lead in the Ladies' Division.

Day 9 - Sorry I missed today's update. Life got in the way, and I just did not have time. Not to worry, all of your mileage has been saved and will be included in tomorrow's update.

Day 10 - Many riders had big kilometers over the weekend. Mark Geiger made a big charge to catch Joe Bartels for the top spot as Joe rested his legs after riding 434 miles the first five days of the week. Mark becomes the second rider to reach the 1,000 km level. In the Ladies Division Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz regained the lead over Pamela Fennell. Valerie becomes the first lady to reach the 750 km level. In fact, she is over 900 km. Pamela Fennell is in second place, and Elana Merritt remains in third place. In third place on the Men's Leaderboard is Jonathan DeWitt with 979 km, less than 120 km behind Mark Geiger. Many riders have reached award level plateaus including Joe and Mark at 1,000; Jonathan, Valerie, Russ Stephens and Joey Bauers at 750 km; Michael Toole, Paul Mowery, Pamela Fennell, Darren Williams, Marty Smolinski, Tim Landrum, Ian Shelden, Steve Pequignot, Rick Bokern, Bill Crowley and Jody Thomas at 500 km level. Through ten days, 102 riders have recorded a total of 30,894 kilometers.

Day 12 - Joe Bartels takes a rest day while Mark Geiger strikes big miles. After six days chasing Joe, Mark Geiger makes it to the top spot on the leaderboard again riding 1,330 km through 12 days. Joe is second with 1,242 km and Jonathan DeWitt is third with 1,094. Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz remains on top of the Ladies' Leaderboard with 1,005 km, while Pam Fennell has made big strides the past few days to climb into second place with 922 km. Susan Zuber has reached a podium place at third with 443 km. Jonathan DeWitt and Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz have reached the 1,000 km level. Pam Fennell, Michael Toole, Darren Williams, and World Time Trial Champion, Paul Mowery have reached the 750 km level. Mike Miller, Kevin Crews last year's champion, Brent Lockwood, Rex Connelly, Dan Fineran and Zach Arnett have reached the 500 km level. Total distance for 105 riders is 34,918 kilometers.

Day 23 - We are finally back online. I am very sorry for missing the past 11 days. The leaderboard still has Joe Bartels on top, followed by Mark Geiger and Marty Smolinski. Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz remains at first place in the Ladies' Division, with Pamela Fennell second and Susan Zuber third. A total of sixty riders have now earned distance achievement medals. 110 riders have compiled a total of 61,859 kilometers. 

Day 24 - There were some big numbers posted today. Joe Bartels extended his hold on first place with a lead of 567 kilometers over Mark Geiger in second place. Marty Smolinski remains in third place in the Men's Division. Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz also had a big day as she leads the Ladies' Division by 714 kilometers over Pamela Fennell. Susan Zuber holds down third place while passing the 1,000 kilometer level today. Seven riders have reached the top level of 1,000 miles; they include Joe Bartels, Mark Geiger, Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz, Marty Smolinski, Jonathan DeWitt, Darren Williams and Russ Stephens. Twelve riders have reached the 1,000 kilometer level; 13 have reached 750 kilometers; and 23 have reached 500 kilometers. A total of 98 riders have ridden 63,009 kilometers this month.

Day 25 - Joe and Valerie both took the day off to enjoy some recovery. There are still 7 riders at the top level of 1,000 miles. Tom Lill became the 13th rider to reach the 1,000 kilometer level. Fifteen riders are at the 750 kilometer level including Keith Pulfer, who rode over 100 miles today. Twenty riders are at the 500 kilometer level. Joe Bartels remains in the lead with 2,577 kilometers; Marty Smolinski moved in second place with 2,264 kilometers; and Mark Geiger is third, only 15 km back with 2,249 kilometers. Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz leads the Ladies' Division with 1,974 kilometers; Pamela Fennell is second with 1,303 kilometers; and Susan Zuber is third with 1,043 kilometers. To date 99 riders have ridden 64,948 kilometers. 

Day 26 - The September Touring Challenge is heading into the final stretch. The Ladies' Division podium positions remain the same with Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz holding a comfortable 680 km lead over Pamela Fennell. Susan Zuber is 280 kilometers behind Pamela in third place. Joe Bartels lead in the Men's Division has shrunk to 107 km with both Mark Geiger and Marty Smolinski making big charges early this week. Only three riders moved up in distance levels. Steve Vorderman joins the 1,000 km club with 1,150 km. Dan Fineran and Brent Lockwood also joined the 1,000 km level today. The final four days may be high mileage for the three big guns in the Men's Division.

Day 27 - Halfway through the last week of the challenge and Mark Geiger re-takes the lead over Joe Bartels. The rain did not slow down Mark as he completed another wet century bringing his total kilometers to 2,802. With three days remaining Mark now leads Joe by 59 kilometers. Mark has made a huge effort the past three days when he trailed Joe by 567 kilometers. Marty Smolinski remains in third place with 2,574 km. Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz remains on top in the Ladies' Division with 2,061 km. Pamela Fennell is second with 1,324 km, and Susan Zuber is third with 1,091 km. It's going to take a huge effort for anyone else to grab a podium position as the top three riders in each division are well ahead of the remaining field. John Rodino and Dan Fineran reach the 1,000 km level today. Dave Shaw and Amber Toole reached the 750 km level, and Graham Wedeven reached the 500 km level. To date 101 riders have ridden 69,679 kilometers this month. With just three days remaining this year's challenge team of 101 rider are 5,219 kilometers away from the all-time highest September team distance 74,916.57 kilometers. That's only 17.3 kilometers a day for the next three days per team member. It's time to get organized and make a push during the remaining three days. Good luck everyone. 

Day 28 - Mark Geiger rides another century plus to hold on to the top spot on the leaderboard with 2,974 km; however, Joe Bartels went right after Mark with his own century plus, pulling within 30 km from the lead at 2,944 km. Marty Smolinski holds down third place with 2,619 km. The Ladies Division remains the same with Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz in first place with 2,061 km. Pamela Fennell holds down second place with 1.324 km; and Susan Zuber is in third place with 1,142 km. Joey Baures and Michael Toole become the 8th and 9th riders to reach the top level of 1,000 miles (1,610 km) and have earned their spots on the 3RVS September Touring Challenge Road of Fame. Steve Pequignot, Mike Neag and Hugh Smith reached the 1,000 km level today, while Helen Best and Bruce Fisher reached the 750 km level. Total kilometers during the month for all 101 riders is now 71,483 with two days remaining in the challenge. Keep it rolling Team 3RVS!

Day 29 - With only one day remaining in the challenge it appears the Ladies' Division is settled as Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz holds more than a 750-kilometer lead ahead of Pamela Fennell. Susan is in third place over 900 kilometers behind Valerie. The Men's Division will go down to the final day. Today, Joe jumped into the lead with 3,317 kilometers. Mark has 3,110 kilometers in second place, and Marty Smolinski is in third place with 2,688 km. No one else is within 300 km of the podium. Today, UCI Masters World Time Trial Champion Paul Mowery, and last year's September Touring Challenge champion Kevin Crews, reached the top level of 1,000 miles (1,610 kilometers). Rick Bokern reached the 1,000 kilometer-level; and Sean Martin reached the 750-kilometer level. Through 29 days 101 riders have logged 73,579 km, just 1,338 kilometers from the record of 74,916 km set by 99 riders in 2021.

Day 30 - The men put on an exciting show the last week of the challenge. Joe Bartels was able to hold off Mark Geiger's last day effort for the top podium spot. Joe will be crowned Champion for the second time. Joe rode a total of 3,417 km during September. Joe's first September Touring Challenge Championship was in 2021. Mark Geiger finished second with 3,233 km; and Marty Smolinski completed the podium positions with a third-place finish riding 2,827 km. In the Ladies' Division, Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz finished first with 2,312 km; Pamela Fennell was a strong second with 1,395 km; and Susan Zuber finished third place with 1,282 km. Congratulations to all of the podium place finishers. Today you have good reason to celebrate and rest your legs. On the last day of the challenge Steve Edmiston and Nancy Lichtensteiger reached the 1,000-kilometer award level. Jim and Denise Snyder finished the month riding over 750 kilometers, while Clinton Allen, Bill Meyer and Kyle Schwyn reached the 500-kilometer award level on the final day. A total of 60 members won medal awards. The top eleven riders reached the highest level of 1,000 miles (1,610 kilometers) for the month and are now enshrined as the Class of 2023​ Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Road of Fame Members. Those members include: Joe Bartels, Mark Geiger, Marty Smolinski, Darren Williams, Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz, Jonathan DeWitt, Paul Mowery, Russ Stephens, Michael Toole, Joey Bauers and Kevin Crews. Additionally, this month all 101 members of the challenge set a new one-month team distance record for the most kilometers ridden during the challenge. The old record of 74,916 kilometers with a 99-member team in 2021 was surpassed on the final day of the challenge. This year's challenge team rode a total of 77,147 kilometers surpassing the record by 2,231 kilometers.

2023 Three Rivers Velo Sport Approved September Touring Challenge Rules

3RVS Members – This year is the 10th Annual Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge! It will begin on Friday, September 1st and run through Saturday, September 30th, 2023 (ending with the 3RVS Club Jersey Ride at Franke Park). We’re happy to announce that the Labor Day Weekend Triple Century Challenge will again be an option this year for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of Labor Day weekend (September 2nd, 3rd, and 4th). On Labor Day, Monday September 4th, the St. Joe Church of Christ is once again allowing us to use their space for our SAG stop for the St. Joe Century loops. This will be a free event for all members and food will be provided! Those who complete all three centuries during Labor Day Weekend will be recognized as hardcore! Mark your calendars for a month of fun and start thinking about what your personal goal might be for getting outside and riding that bike before the cold weather arrives!

Below are the official rules from Touring Committee, Joe Bartels and Elana Merritt. Please read and be aware of the rules.
Awards will be presented at our annual End of Season Party to club members who join this club challenge and log their cycling distance on Strava. Awards will be presented to 3RVS members who bicycle 500, 750, 1000, or 1610 kilometers (1,000 miles) from September 1st through September 30th, 2023. In addition to the awards just mentioned, podium awards will be presented to the top 3 female and male finishers. 
Members' distances for any bicycling event, either a club tour, race, off road, riding by yourself, or smart trainer program such as Zwift are accepted as long as the ride is transferred to Strava showing details of the ride, such as distance, time, and a map of the course ridden.  

•Class 1 and Class 3 E-bikes (no throttle) are eligible for distance medals, but not for podium positions. Class 2 E-bikes, with throttle power are not permitted and any distance ridden on such bike will not be counted for this event. 

•No manual entries will be accepted unless your recording device fails during your ride, in which case you may enter your lost miles as a manual entry along with the portion of the ride that was recorded offering an explanation for the lost distance in the description box. 

•Your Strava account must be open to accept 3RVS members to follow you without asking for a request. If having a public profile is a safety concern for you, you may email the Challenge Administrator, Steve Pequignot, to discuss accommodations - spequignot@aol.com.

To join the 3RVS September Touring Challenge, go to www.strava.com/clubs/3rvs and sign up. The Strava 3RVS September Touring Challenge page is a closed group for club members only. After you apply to join the challenge your 3RVS membership will be verified. Once verified your place on the roster will be approved.

•If you were a 3RVS member last year and joined the 3RVS September Touring Challenge you are likely already pre-registered for this year’s challenge provided you are still a 3RVS member. If you are unsure if you are signed up go to your Strava Profile, look under Clubs for the Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge logo. If it is on your Profile you are registered. 

•Non-3RVS members may not participate in this challenge and have been removed from the group page. Non-members may join 3RVS then sign up for the challenge. Only kilometers ridden after joining 3RVS will be counted in the challenge. 

Your weekly distances must be posted on your Strava page at least once per week, but no later than 11:59pm each Sunday. Questions may be directed to the Challenge Administrator Steve Pequignot at: spequignot@aol.com. Additionally, you may reach out to the Touring Committee – Joe Bartels and Elana Merritt, via email at: touring@3rvs.com and secretary@3rvs.com. Distance entries will conclude at 11:59pm September 30th, 2023. Results will be finalized and posted October 1st, 2023. Daily rides must be entered to Strava and migrated to the September Touring Challenge by 8:30pm to be included in the daily update. Keep in mind, when Strava has heavy traffic it sometimes takes up to 30 minutes for a ride to migrate from your page to the club’s September Touring Challenge page.

•Please be aware of our privacy setting requirements during the challenge. All members must have their Profile Page, Activities View, Group Activities and Flyby set to Everyone. All podium finishers MUST have all rides open for review during the challenge. Any ride(s) not open for review will be deducted from monthly distance totals before the results become final October 1. Members who do not have these settings in place may also lose the mileage for distance awards.

•To check/set your view settings open your Strava account, click on the second from right icon (your photo if you use one) along the top bar, select Settings on the drop down menu, select Privacy Controls in the left column, select Everyone in the Profile Page, Activities, Group Activities, and Flyby settings.

•Using these settings everyone can view each of your rides during the challenge. After October 1st, 2023 you may change your settings as you see fit.

•If your ride is not included in a daily update it means that ride has not migrated to the club page by the time of the update (usually about 8:30 PM). That ride will be picked up during the following daily update except for Sundays. All weekly Strava mileage must be posted and migrated to the club’s Strava page no later than 11:59 PM each Sunday. After that time all prior weekly mileage is locked.

Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Road of Fame

3RVS members who have competed in any previous September Touring Challenges and finished with 1,610 or more kilometers in any one challenge have been inducted into the Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Road of Fame. Below is a list of all past inductees. Note: Some members are listed multiple times as they won the honor two or more years.

2023 Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Road of Fame Members
​The Class of 2023 September Touring Challenge members inducted into the Road of Fame​
1 Joe Bartels 3,417 kilometers
2 Mark Geiger 3,233 kilometers
3 Marty Smolinski 2,827 kilometers
4 Darren Williams 2,400 kilometers
5 Valerie Litznerski-Eicholtz 2,312 kilometers
6 Jonathan DeWitt 2,086 kilometers
7 Paul Mowery 1,813 kilometers
8 Russ Stephens 1,723 kilometers
9 Michael Toole 1,691 kilometers
10 Joey Bauers 1,663 kilometers
11 Kevin Crews 1,610 kilometers

2022 Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Road of Fame Members
​The Class of 2022 September Touring Challenge members inducted into the Road of Fame
1 Kevin Crews 3,384 kilometers
2 Steve Pequignot 3,035 kilometers
3 Henry Swinty 2,628 kilometers
4 Valerie Litznerski 2,205 kilometers
5 Clinton Allen 2,110 kilometers
6 Mike Miller 1,879 kilometers
7 Marty Smolinski 1,792 kilometers
8 Patrick Stelte 1,764 kilometers
9 Bill Meyer 1,726 kilometers
10 Rick Bokern 1,717 kilometers
11 Russ Stephens 1,705 kilometers
12 Elana Merritt 1,612 kilometers

2021 Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Road of Fame Members
The Class of 2021 September Touring Challenge members inducted into the Road of Fame
 1 Joe Bartels 5,027 kilometers
 2 Mark Geiger 3,500 kilometers
 3 Tom Loucks 2,831 kilometers
 4 Marty Smolinski 2,418 kilometers
 5 Denise Snyder 2,065 kilometers
 6 Jim Snyder 2,065 kilometers
 7 Mike Miller 2,024 kilometers
 8 Valerie Litznerski 1,809 kilometers
 9 Sean Martin 1,806 kilometers
10 Tim Johnston 1,750 kilometers 
11 Henry Swinty 1,697 kilometers
12 Maureen Randall 1,684 kilometers
​13 Hugh Smith 1,618 kilometers

2020 Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Road of Fame Members
1 Steve Pequignot 4,921 kilometers
2 Joe Bartels 4,034 kilometers
3 Maureen Randall 2,501 kilometers
4 Marty Smolinski 2,145 kilometers
5 Deborah Watts 2,096 kilometers
6 Rick Bokern 1,878 kilometers
7 Patrick Stelte 1,733 kilometers
8 Tim Landrum 1,657 kilometers
9 Diana Schowe 1,654 kilometers
10 Nathan Woods 1,651 kilometers
11 Sean Martin 1,629 kilometers
12 Shane Powell 1,629 kilometers

2019 Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Road of Fame Members
1 Steve Pequignot 3,336 kilometers
2 Lisa Mabbitt 2,279 kilometers
3 Marty Smolinski 2,010 kilometers
4 Emily Baltes 1,969 kilometers
5 Denise Snyder 1,827 kilometers
6 Jim Snyder 1,827 kilometers
7 Patrick Stelte 1,662 kilometers
8 Doug Wintin 1,626 kilometers
9 Rick Bokern 1,260 kilometers

2018 Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Road of Fame Members
 1 Mark Linn 3,326 kilometers
 2 Kymberly Byers 2,783 kilometers
 3 Denise Snyder 2,295 kilometers
 4 Jim Snyder 2,295 kilometers
 5 Steve Pequignot 2,183 kilometers
 6 Marty Smolinski 2,013 kilometers
 7 David Park 1,953 kilometers
 8 Jason Maier 1,921 kilometers
 9 Mark Geiger 1,732 kilometers
10 Patrick Stelte 1,718 kilometers
11 Rick Bokern 1,647 kilometers
12 Russ Stephens 1,633 kilometers

2017 Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Road of Fame Members
 1 Steve Pequignot 4,500 kilometers
 2 Shane Powell 2,716 kilometers
 3 Mark Linn 2,163 kilometers
 4 Jon Rodino 2,023 kilometers
 5 Mark Geiger 1,927 kilometers
 6 Patrick Stelte 1,888 kilometers​
 7 David Park 1,794 kilometers
 8 Susan Zuber 1,775 kilometers
 9 Rex Connelly 1,741 kilometers
10 Rudy Schmidtke 1,691 kilometers
11 Russ Stephens 1,652 kilometers
12 Fergie Meek 1,620 kilometers

2016 Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Road of Fame Members
 1 Steve Pequignot 4,516 kilometers
 2 Jody Thomas 3,238 kilometers
 3 Rick Pegg 2,911 kilometers
 4 Deborah Watts 2,266 kilometers
 5 David Park 2,000 kilometers
 6 Matt Misner 1,945 kilometers
 7 Amy Copeland 1,850 kilometers
 8 Beth Ann Green 1,792 kilometers
 9  Dennis Zech 1,737 kilometers
10 Rex Connelly 1,730 kilometers
11 Russ Stephens 1,630 kilometers
12 Mona Will 1,627 kilometers
13 Patrick Steltie  1,616 kilometers
14 Scott Thomsits 1,613 kilometers

2015 Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Road of Fame Members
1 Steve Pequignot 3,518 kilometers
2 Matt Misner 2,751 kilometers
3 Jody Thomas 2,578 kilometers
4 Rob Hentz 1,708 kilometers
5 Russ Stephens 1,672 kilometers
6 Patrick Stelte 1,629 kilometers

2014 Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Road of Fame Members
1 Rob Hentz 2,428 kilometers
2 Steve Pequignot 1,979 kilometers
3 Matt Misner 1,961 kilometers
4 Deborah Watts 1,744 kilometers
5 Rex Connelly 1,614 kilometers

View the Leaderboard at: www.americanclassicgroup.com/3rvs/3rvschallenge.htm